I guess your check hold isn’t going to be released 🤷🏻‍♀️


So I work at a small Credit Union and I feel like a lot of our policies are pretty standard, like check deposits in the ATM going on a hold which brings us to our phone call today

Me- *greeting*

Douche- *name* I need my fucking check released you guys keep putting it on a fucking hold this is ridiculous

Me- did you deposit it in the ATM? Check deposits in the ATM go on a minimum 2 business day hold-

Member- well this was deposited on SUNDAY and it’s still not fucking released I need my money

Me- if you want me to assist you I’m going to need you to watch your tone. Can I have your account number?

Member- silence

Member- eat a dick, bitch


Well enjoy that check hold. Releasing checks is a COURTESY, why the hell would I extend any sort of courtesy to you? I found that account and noted it and told my manager what happened and she called him to tell him he can’t speak that way to us and he hung up when she said “Hi can I please speak to member?” So who knows what will happen next?


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