Why they cant tell us the answers before practicing roleplays?

Im currently in training and the instructor make us do some roleplays Agent and Customer roles but I dont understand why he cant give us the options in case the policy says no refunds are allowed after 6PM etc and what other options we can offer to the custumer

How am I supposed to know that an option was that since the customer didnt have a receipt wich is required to return the item the good option to tell her was that she can ask to her. Bank account to give her proof of the purchase

I have 0 experience in this environment and booking process etc and they only train us for 1 month and then they will make us start? Idk if Im ready ….sigh

What do you think?

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I guess your check hold isn’t going to be released 🤷🏻‍♀️

Nicest, most helpful, racist state employee.