Customers sometimes tell me I sound stuck up and pretentious over the phone?


Been working in a call centre for a large retail company dealing with your standard stuff such as lost parcels and broken items etc (you wouldn’t believe how people can become bat shit insane over a parcel delay).

From time to time I get told by angry customers to stop sounding so pretentious when really I’m just trying to be polite, despite their outrageous demands and constant aggression.

I’ve been told before when doing call reviews that my tone never changes so no problems there

But as I’ve been working from home since the start of this call centre job, I am really not sure if its just one of those things customers say to overly polite people?

It’s the self-important middle class white women who really irritate me and that I struggle with most on this job. When they set ridiculous expectations, constantly try to trip you up and push you verbally into a corner you can’t get out of and you’re left being asked questions whereby the only answer contradicts everything you’ve just said.

Sorry I’m just ranting at this point lol

Tldr – do you get told that you’re pretentious when really you’re hsut trying to be polite?


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