I don’t read my emails


This happened this week to one of my team

Caller (C): Why haven’t you refunded me

Team Member (T): We sent you an email asking you to confirm your bank details so we can do the refund

C: I don’t read my emails

T: Well, now you know that we have sent that email, can you please read it so you can confirm your details

C: I don’t want to read it. I want you to get your CEO to ring me and tell me why you won’t refund me

T: That isn’t going to happen. We’ve told you that we can’t refund you until you confirm your bank details. You need to use the secure reply in the email to do that

C: I want to talk to someone else. You are not listening to me. I NEED to know why you refuse to refund me

T: We are not refusing to refund you. We cannot refund you until YOU confirm your bank details

C: I want to speak to someone else but it can’t be (lists virtually the entire sales and accounts team who he has previously spoken to and all of whom have told him to open up his emails and fill out the secure form)

T: I cannot pass you to anyone else as you have just said that you have spoken to all the other people in our team and they have all told you to open the email. Is there a reason you can’t open the email? Can we send it to another email address?

C: I don’t like reading my emails so I don’t open them.

T: We cannot help you any further until you reply to the email so you are going to have to open it.

T ends call at this point and flags it to senior team, who are aware.

One of the senior team sends back remark that if he continues to phone in, we can get legal to **email** him.

As T and I said – people just don’t listen


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