Hypothetically..what would happen if I showed up at the hotel with more people than I booked for?


Some background: I’m in central reservations for a hospitality company that caters to both high end resorts and long term stay properties. I’m me, HF (hypothetical friend) is my lovely caller.

Me: Thank you for calling *property* I’m me, may I have your name please?

HF: No, I don’t need a booking, I just have a hypothetical question…if my friend showed up at *resort in another country* and had her three kids but had only listed two adults on the booking, what would happen?

Me: well it definitely depends on what room they booked, how many people, etc. If the room they booked had enough capacity for everyone, it might just be an extra charge for extra guests. Otherwise, if there was availability, they could be upgraded for a fee to a larger room or, if there’s not, they might be turned away

Cue crazy flip out. Turns out HF was the friend (shocking! 🙃), was on property, and was told they were totally sold out and that the room she booked couldn’t hold five adults..

Me: 5 adults? I thought this was three kids and two adults?

HF: Well they’re MY kids

I ended up having to escalate her to a manager who, shockingly, said the same thing I did. I do believe the resort ended up having a cancellation and being able the accomodate her anyway, but in situations like this (and I know it sounds petty) I almost wish she’d been made to sort it out on her own. You could tell from the tone/verbage that it wasn’t an oversight but simply that she didn’t want to spend the extra money.

Edit to clarify: this is an all inclusive resort. It’d be pretty hard to get away with that all week since you’re basically never leaving property unless it’s an excursion arranged by the property concierge. I’m sorry for not making that more clear.

TLDR: way too many people have no idea they need to include their kids (adults or not!) in the room occupancy


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