Lady doesn’t want to waste time giving us her location


So I’m sorry if this seems like a rant but this is one of my pet peeves. I work ERS and we had a call come in with a bad location. So my coworker called the member to get her location and all the member would tell her is that she was on this highway, between city and city b. My coworker explained that we need a better location than that. We can’t send a driver to go up and down the highway looking for her. No garage will accept a call like that and even if they would, we can’t send them on a wild goose chase. We need a mile marker, landmark, exit ect. But she insisted that anyone local would know where she was and to just send it.

This irritates me because you can’t even tell me the city you’re in so how do we know what garage to even send it to? My coworker was about to go on lunch so I was gonna follow up with member when the member ended up calling in and giving me a better location. I asked her to clarify the road name to make sure she didn’t mean a different road that was the same name but instead of it being “example rd” it was “example loop” which makes a difference. She couldn’t even tell me that and her response was that she’s not from around here so how is she supposed to know….

After I got her location, she mentioned that she was upset because this was the 3rd call she had with us, and she was trying to avoid this because her phone was dying……that’s what got me so ticked. You’re calling us for help but don’t want to figure out where it is that you are just because your phone is dying??? That makes no sense because if we don’t have a good location and your phone dies we won’t be able to help you and your phone is still gonna be dead. And then you’re gonna be mad at US because we couldn’t reach you or find you all because you didn’t want to waste your phone battery trying to locate where you are on a map.


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