I Don’t Remember the Rest


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This is my first time posting and it is actually my husband’s story.

My husband works for a banking institution. He is in a department that listens to voice calls. Of course you have your common types of callers which include but are not limited to: the mufflers (you can barely hear a word they say except for the swear words), the story tellers (ones who get to the point eventually but not before telling their whole life story) and the angry customers (the whole voice-mail is practically cussing).

Today my husband had pulled this voice mail and it went fairly normal. That was until it got to the phone number. He starts reciting it and then half way through, the customer states, “I don’t remember the rest,” and hangs up. Luckily the customer had left enough identifying information to service the call.

I couldn’t help but chuckle when my husband told me this. I love people.


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