First post about my call from satan himself


So last week this member called and stated that he signed up for a plan through his employer, but got an email advising that we were gonna process their first binder payment of $1200.10. Understood their concern, they provided me their information and verified demographics. I explained that i do show a application which has the amount and i confirmed if they know the broker who helped them apply? He said no he didn’t go through a broker and that it was through his employer. So my first question to myself is, how do you not know what the fuck you just did hours ago? So I’m literally trying to make sense of it all and his wife chimes in yelling at me too.. I’m getting it on both ends.. so i figure i escalate the call and of course i call the payment question line and a team lead who doesn’t handle payment calls AT ALL picks up. So i had to slowly tell them what’s going on.. and of course my phone doesn’t let me transfer the call. So i explained to the member my phone wasn’t working and i can have the supervisor call them.. and he was like no i told my bank to stop the payment from your company and him and his wife continued to make smart ass comments so i written them off lmao.

But after they hung up, i decided to call the broker who submitted the application to us. He knew exactly what it was and was like i will call the member back and explain it to him again lol.

Again, people who call can be so fucking rude and how embarrassing is it to yell at someone over something YOU did HOURS AGO?!


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