Fare the well with a fun story to top it off


Welp, finally got word that I will be transferred to a different department that has no phones!!!! I did it you guys!

Thought I’d leave with this story that still makes me chuckle years later:

Worked at Walgreens twelve years ago in the pharmacy and we had a local dr with the last name Phuc. Yes, its pronounced “fuck”. It was so much fun to watch new employees have to call the office and try and pronounce it every way but “fuck”. And I give it to their front office and nurses, they had a good sense of humor and always said, “Dr Phuc. Yes, it really is Dr Phuc, just like the swear word”. I still love that memory.

That and the time a coworker asked a man what his last name was and he said “Cox” and without missing a beat she said, straight faced, “And how do you spell Cox?”.

I’ll still lurk and share anymore call stories as they come. Hang in there everyone and know you are doing the toughest job out there!


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