Hey fellow call center drones! I have a huge issue: I’ve come down with a nasty case of laryngitis over my weekend, and tomorrow is my Monday. Usually I’d take a sick day in a case like this to rest my voice and go to a doc to get corticosteroids to unfuck my voice in a hurry, but I’ve used up practically all of my sick time, AND next week is the busiest week of the year for the company I work for (I’m sure you can guess where based on that alone lol), so our ability to use vacation hours is blocked until the annual shitstorm of calls dies down in a couple weeks, so the option to take time off to rest my voice is off the table, plus my laryngitis-riddled voice currently sounds like the squeaky voiced teen from The Simpsons when I’m not coughing. And no, it’s not covid (fully vaccinated for well over a month now).

Anyone have any advice or tips for trying to fix laryngitis overnight without steroids, or at least getting through a full shift of calls with laryngitis? Figure worst case I’ll just keep taking calls until I can’t anymore and my manager tells me to take the day off, but it’d be great if I could work my shift with a clear, legible voice and not hurt my vocal chords any more than I already have.


UPDATE: Went to the doctor this morning, and got approved for a few days off via FMLA, so although it’s unpaid, I have time off work to rest my voice and still work the last 2 days of my shift this week (and scoop up some overtime during my upcoming weekend if it’s available 😁). Thanks everyone for your advice! My cupboards are now stocked with tea, honey, lemon, and all sorts of other goodies to help bring my voice back online ASAP 🙂

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