“But you always delivered on Fridays”


Had a funny one yesterday as my first call of the day, so I thought I’d share.

Me: Thank you for calling The Internet. This is tooktheheart.

Customer: Hi, yes. This is (customer name). I’m trying to order for Friday, but I can only select Wednesday. Can you put my order in for Friday?

Me: We actually don’t deliver Fridays. Your account is set for Tuesday or Wednesday. I can put one of those days.

Customer: No, no. I always do Friday deliveries. So, I would like Friday delivery, please.

Me: Um…We only deliver Monday-Thursday.

Customer: But you always delivered on Fridays. When did this change? I was never notified.

Me: These have been our delivery days for the last few years now. I checked your account. Your last order was delivered on Wednesday and the one before that was on Tuesday. So, currently, I can only offer delivery on Tuesday or Wednesday. If we do start offering Friday delivery in the futures, we’ll let you know.

Customer: That makes no sense, though. I could have sworn my order arrived Friday last time. You know what? I think it was for pick up or maybe…..? I dunno. I need more coffee. Anyway, that’s fine. If it’s just those two days, I’ll just finish the order online. Thank you.

Me: No problem. Have a good day.


I start laughing and my manager comes over saying “Are you okay?” I tell her what happened and she goes “Oh dear. So, do they need anything?” Me: They said they need more coffee. “Well, we don’t deliver that.”


Note: This person has been ordering with us for YEARS, so I’m not sure why they suddenly got confused. Maybe they were placing their order on a Friday? Who knows.


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