Accidentally made it seem like my job made me try to kill myself


I got a summer job in a call center a few years ago and it was not my favourite to say the least.

I was only there for a few months, but that whole time they never trained me. I was literally paid to sit and do nothing. I couldn’t even spend my time online or anything because I had the only computer in the office with a screen directly facing my boss. So I literally just sat for 8 hours a day and kept a tally of the minutes passing by on a sticky note.

This was also a really rough time in my life for personal reasons. I was renting a room in a house with these people who abused their dog by keeping it locked in a way too small crate for 8+ hours per day while everyone was at work. They never flushed the toilet and the whole house (and consequently all my clothes) always smelled like pee. I was having the worst eczema of my life. I was away from all my family and friends. I was working literally the most boring job just watching the minutes tick by. This is all to say I was v depressed.

Also the sink in this house only had one temperature setting which was literally boiling hot. So one day I severely burned my severely eczema-ed hands while doing dishes and ended up in the hospital with a bad infection.

They bandaged me up and gave me some meds (but no time off work because I wasn’t sick or anything). So I show up at work and plead my case that although I’m not sick, I can’t use my hands so I can’t answer the phone (not that I ever did anyways because I was never trained on what to say).

I had the best week. I got to spend time outside, I got to take care of that poor dog during the day so she wasn’t locked up. I was significantly less depressed. So I decided I would just quit on the spot. It’s not like they would miss me anyways, I never did anything.

Realized years later that I had shown up with bandaged wrists and hands, a sketchy excuse about burning my hands on tap water and eczema, and then quit citing being depressed and that the job just wasn’t for me.

Tl/dr: those poor folk at the call center definitely thought I tried to kill myself because my job was too depressing.


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“But you always delivered on Fridays”

I’m quitting today.