But how do I know you’re not a scam?


It is not uncommon for us to receive an email with the bare amount of information (sometimes not even so much as a name, mostly just a rant about our product or the difficulties they are facing) from whatever manager from somewhere that somehow got contacted by the wild customer who’s not able to find our phone number, but is able to email them directly.

The one in question had reported a fairly easy issue with the keyboard and there was a name, email and phone number, but without a serial number. Happens A LOT. Anyway, I was sitting next to this kid in the first week of his or so, and I was shadowing him, making sure he’s not talking bs, yadda yadda. He seemed pretty confident, so we agreed for him to call, I’ll be there if anything is needed.

For almost half an hour, we struggle to find the damn serial number. Just as we’re about to receive it from the customer, here comes the question “How do I know you’re from company X?”. The explanation starts: phone number we’re calling from, lemme send you an email from our official inbox and so on and so forth. She keeps being paranoid. For once in my life I interjected in a call as a manager without it being requested from the customer’s side. I firmly tell her that we’ve already proven our identity, now either she provides us the serial number and lets us help her or she’s free to solve her own problem.

Finally, I convince her. We have a serial number. 2 minutes into troubleshooting, she suddenly has to go. We get a time and a date for a follow-up. Again, I call her as the manager. She answers, she’s busy, wants to schedule another time, I agree. As I’m hanging up the phone, I hear the beginning of “But how do I know you’re from X…?”. I try to reach her back 2 more times after. No answer.

C’est la vie.


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