I’m quitting today.


So I’ve been here less than two months and this job has completely destroyed my mental health. I thought I would enjoy working from home but no. Even an introvert like me needs to see people once in awhile.

I just feel so dumb because this is literally the easiest job I’ve ever had and I hate it so much. It seems so pointless. Between people thinking I’m trying to scam them, getting hung up on/cussed out, leaving 60-70 voicemails every shift, it’s just so boring.

At least I have some money saved to keep me afloat while I look for another job. I’m going to look into doing some gig work while I figure something out.

Bless all of you who can do this every day for years on end and not lose your mind, you are so much stronger than I am. Take care of yourselves.


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