“Your billion dollar company should cover my repairs because I’m a loyal customer.”


The title is the gist of the story. Idiot has a 2011 laptop that needs battery replacement.

Idiot: This is free replacement, right?

Me: Friendly reminder you’re out of warranty, so you’d shoulder expenses.

Idiot: No, [company] should cover my replacement!

Me: On what grounds?

Idiot: I’ve been a loyal customer purchasing your products for the past 7 years! Do me a solid, it’s the least you can do.

Me: We do not have a service program nor offer financial assistance. Your purchases were of your own volition, we don’t have a policy that entitles you to a free battery replacement for having purchased a number of our products.

Idiot immediately disconnects the chat and the very next day leaves me a 1/5 survey ranting on how [company] is scum and “betrayed” him.


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