“I will need to speak with her to verify the account.”


I am a customer service manager for an e-commerce company and I was handling an escalated call from a customer who’s wife sent in a computer to be repaired.

M is me and C is the customer.

M: Mr. C, it appears Mrs. C’s name is on the account since the computer is under her name. Unfortunately, I’m not authorized to discuss the account until Mrs. C authorizes you to discuss it on her behalf. May I speak with her to verify the account?

C: She is sick.

M: I’m sorry to hear that sir. I will need to speak with her to verify the account. When she feels better ask her to give us a call and we will add you as an authorized user.

C: You can take my word for it. I’m her husband.

M: With all due respect, I don’t know that sir.

C: I tried to tell your agent that and he wouldn’t listen!

M: Sir, he was following the same policy that I am.



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