*this is on mobile sorry for formatting issues, also I wrote this a few days ago but wanted to share it.

I recently willingly demoted myself from customer service to a reservations agent because the audacity and entitlement of people made me want to explode, but it’s safe to say I know the department very well. Tonight I get a call where a woman is having a straight up customer service issue , the reservation she had was cancelled without her consent. The customer service department had closed an hour or so prior and before I could even say I’m sorry she tells me “I don’t even want your input. Give me a supervisor now.” I tried to get some additional information from her and all I got back was “I said I don’t want your input. Give me a supervisor now!”

I called up a supervisor to have them take the call and instead of listening to the problem she immediately tells me to transfer the call to customer service. When I reminded her that it was closed she had the nerve to say “let me check”. (You are literally a supervisor how do you not know that one of the very few main departments is closed?) She eventually told me I have to tell the customer to call back when the department opens. (Which would have been my plan if she didn’t demand a manager)

I stood my ground and said no. The lady wants to speak with a manager. I dont care if you’re gonna tell her the same thing you’re telling me to say. She literally told me she doesn’t want to talk to me. After a little bit of muttering under the supervisors breath she finally agreed to take the call. I put myself in break and smoked the most satisfying cigarette I’ve ever had.

I just don’t understand why the supervisor was trying to fight me so hard on this. It’s not like I was being lazy or didn’t want to help. The lady was refusing to even listen to me and was demanding a manager. Take the call and do your freaking job!


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