When Folks Flip Out


Okay, so this was many, many years back, one of my first jobs re-entering the workforce after kids. I was working for a debt collector.

Part of my day was cold calling (“Does your business have any accounts you’d want a hand collecting?)

Part was going down liquidation reports for folks who lost money in a bust and offering some government information in regards to protection legislation to prevent it again (for which we were contracted to do). Most were appreciative. Some were not.

One particular fellow took such umbrage with my call he proceeded to turn up to our office, waving a plank of wood around, threatening to smash through the (one and only) glass door.

So there I am, 5’4 soft-spoken, smöl bean with a physical disability, sitting in the office, alone, with the one exit blocked by a large, red-faced, ranting wood-wielding manic of a man.

Fun times.

(I hid in the office, pretending I wasn’t there. He ended up simmering down and leaving)

Yes, I probably could have / should have called the police, but I was mostly just focused on trying to stay safe and pretending the office was empty (so silent, not on the phone), since there wasn’t another door to escape out. If he did decide to smash through the glass one, I’d have been cornered.

You can bet if wood actually did hit glass, i would have been on the phone (in my hand) in a heartbeat


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