So I may have just found the secret treasure of jobs…


So I randomly called a friend of mine just to say hi (after not chatting for a couple of years). During our conversation, she tells me how much she loves her job. In fact, I’d be perfect for it!

I reach out and apply. They say I’m not only a good fit, but a perfect fit!

There is a LOT of hoopla to get through to get hired, but in the end I’m making $4 than minimum and benefits are FREE (med and dental).

I’ve worked call center jobs in the past and I just can’t take the selling, the yelling, etc; yet, I decide to give this one a try.

After my 1st week I’m super confused. There’s NO selling. And when I asked about metrics, they were confused. The only metric is customer service. They need us to make sure the customer is completely satisfied. That’s it. Doesn’t matter how long the call is. And attendance is important too. Only one call out a month is deemed acceptable. Not to mention the generous PTO package.

Also forgot to mention the WFH option after 6 months and the quarterly bonuses!

This is nuts and I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop…How does this exist?


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