Problem sits in front of monitor


I had a really bad day, cause lot‘s of things come together.

That’s the Situation:
We are a small office with 5 persons. Two are on vacation, one is at a outhouse job and one works from home. Makes me the only one in office and the only one that can take on calls.

All system works for good two hours, everything’s normal.

Then our main program isn‘t reachable anymore. Nothing. We can‘t do anything. So i wait a couple of minutes and say to any caller, can‘t do anything, please call again later or I call you back. After fifteen minutes I restart the computer and the router in the office. System starts fine, but our main program is still not reachable.

So, boss and other colleague is on vacation and not reachable. Colleague is on a construction site and can‘t help right now. My other colleague is in home office and text, That she can‘t do any work. So I will write a Ticket to the IT-Helpdesk. I can‘t, because it runs also about the main program. Than I write one with Outlook, but it is also not reachable.
So i phone the IT Service, but I Land somewhere else and she can‘t help me, cause she didn‘t use this program.
So i start everything again.

During all this I got more phone calls with questions, orders and everything else and I can‘t answer any of this, which is really frustrating for me.

As everything is booted up, nothing works. I phoned IT again, maybe I reach someone other. Yep, but she says, they fired the IT guy and now she tries to help. Easy answer to my problem: they have no problems with the program. Have I restart it? Yes. Thank you. I already told you. So write a Ticket. I can‘t, cause System and outlook doesn‘t work. Oh, ok. Sh writes the Ticket for me. Thanks.

Couple of minutes and calls later, an colleague from another district calls me. No, they have no problems. „Everything’s works just fine.
And like 99% of the time, the problem sits in front of the monitor.“
… silence.
„What did you say?“
„Hahaha, that was a joke! Haha, sorry, just laugh it off.“
I didn’t know, If she is kind of my boss, so dead silent from my site.
Yeah, so she can’t help me and we end the call.

After one hour, I ask my colleague if she can try to reach the main program from her private laptop. She don‘t know how, but that’s ok, cause she is new. I explain everything and yes, it works.
So i pack my stuff and drove home for an hour, cause I can work from home.
So the next two Hours i phone everyone back.

It was a very stressful day, but that’s ok. But this „joke“ was the worst.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for grammar or formation.


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