Today was a shift that ended on midnight and the last call has left me with an uneasy feeling


There is this last call in the last minute at 11:59 PM and there’s this clearly elderly man who starts the call talking about his third eldest and how he is proud of her for being the first in the family to get an university degree, the man then talks about how she is smart and told him to ask about “this matter”

I am left confused “this matter” What is this matter? I did not want to sound like I was not paying attention but I knew I had to ask so I asked again what was he talking about by saying “Sorry sir do you mind repeating that again?” He has trouble hearing me, he rambles again about his third eldest, then says it’s nice I’m hearing, by that point maybe it’s just an old man who wants to talk with someone I think, but after a few ramblings I hear a duck in the background, and the voice of a woman, the man says “please wait” and next thing I hear is some noise which… I know are either hits or some form of stab, the duck went silent, and so did the voice of the woman… I told him I couldn’t seem to be able to assist him and just had to hang him up…



So yeah that happened, I don’t know why I’m publishing this but I felt like I had to let people know this shit.


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