Got Caught Browsing on Private sites (Home Office)



I got caught browing on private sites (nothing too bad, just news sites etc) and got my first warning today.

I have Home Office since almost 2 years now and worked around 6 months before that in the same Job. Its 1st Level Internet provider work. Home Office changed a lot since I work half ass as fuck. I watch youtube Videos, I browse reddit during a boring call and go for 5min to toilett or grab a Coke and watch the birds outside for couple of minutes (be reminded that I do all this on ACW not on breaks). I hate my Job. I didnt hated it in the beginning. First 6 month was kind of interesting. Our schooling was a joke and we basicaly needed to learn a lot by our own. Second 6 month I finaly knew 99% of the task and was enjoying how good I was working. I was a good sales guy and also a good technician. But more and more the company grinded me out. You need to sell more (but I signed as an technician lol), you need to do this and that process (the company loves processes no matter how braindead they are), all my friends or people I liked in the company, got fired or found a better job so I dont have anyone to gossip/talk to and I used to use a lot of tools that only 2nd level technicians should use (for some reason I got a lot of access) and they cuted this after they found out that a lot of 1st Lvl supporters were using it. So now i basicaly doing a low IQ Job day in and day out. I feel very exhausted after work. Burned out. I had every possible problem this job can have and solved it 1000 times. I wanna move on. Im not made for repetition. So I got lazy and more and more browsed youtube during work. Somehow they found it out and got my first “warning” today from my Teamleader. He was very easy about it to be honest. I think they know I just dont care. He told me I have so much potential. Potential for what? There is no ladder to climb in the Callcenter business at least here. You are what you are.


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I might quit.

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