There is a point when you gotta let them go.


Caller was drunk as a bicycle and very hard to understand. He sounded like he had a clothespin holding his tongue.
He was trying to sign up but his card was not going through. I had to reach higher support to try to help him. The entire time he is yelling “ this is sit ballsit” 🙄 but persistent patty me endures his just miserable attitude card had a general decline and he said I will use another card. I had asked if he had another card he said no! So he completes the account sign up and goes to sign in and it said wrong password. I sent a reset link 3 times and he changed it 3 times. This dude was a belligerent asshole but I still wanted to help him somehow. So I offered to change his password ( against policy) I just wanted to be done with the call. So I asked please check your email. I needed to get Verification code from his email. He said” I can’t undastead a word you are shaying
This is ballsit!!!”
I said it is a bad connection, I will call you back. 🤥


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You hung up on me on purpose!

Sure I’ll make sure you’ll get your invoices