You hung up on me on purpose!


Another crazy one.

So I got a lady earlier today so right after I say hello to her she instantly starts yelling at me that I’m being to loud and that all the recording prompts are too loud.

I apologize and ask how I can help her. Right after I get disconnected from the call. It was my fault. The system i use is dual screen, a laptop then a desktop. I had the mouse clicker close to the hangup button which is also close to my pause recording button, and I bumped my laptop making it click the disconnect.

I immediately tried to call her back but got no answer.

So in forget about it go on about my day. Well lo and behold HOURS later I get her again.

She instantly sets in, on how dare I hang up on her. I try to explain that it was an accident and I immediately called her back to no answer.

Well she demands my supervisors name, and I give it to her, I can’t directly transfer her. To get supervisor attention we have to go through escalation for process, there’s no one they can immediately speak to.

I tell her that I’m more than happy to assist her with what she needs, she refuses says she’s been calling a day trying to get me (out of our other 40 agents) to let me know how rude I am and that she will be getting my job.

So in turn I tell her that ill fill the form out and a supervisor will be in touch with her and to have a great night.

She calls me a bitch and says to enjoy my job while I have it because she’s taking it from me. I again tell her to have a good night.

No way in hell was I hanging up first in fear of her using it against me, so I just sit there hearing her teeter jabbing at me.

So I again tell her to have a fantastic night, she calls me a bitch again and that I have an attitude and am being sparky. I’m using the voice I always use.

So she finally hangs up I let all my supervisors know and fill the form out.

Supervisor pulls my call watches and listens to it. Tells me I did nothing wrong, and that she personally is the one who will deal with the old witch.

Other agents tell me on the chat agent we use that they dealt with her and she’s bat shit crazy, been on the war path looking for me.


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