Sure I’ll make sure you’ll get your invoices


Decided to get a tiny bit of revenge on one of the most arrogant customers ive had to deal with

Every day this customer comes through chat with these huge walls of text, disputing his account balance and making demands, even requesting to be called (even though we are a chat service who don’t make outbound calls and have given him the number for the call centre). For context his bill is very straight forward, an annual service charge (invoiced separately from the service we provide) and a late fee for not paying on time. It’s not even a big amount. I’ve explained everything to him multiple times and his dispute now seems to be he wants to confirm that we are actually charging this annually and not sneaking it in more than once a year, so he would like a full account statement email to him since 2019.

I tell him that I can have an account statement generated by our billing team who can take up to 10 business days to get it done. Apparently I’m wrong and don’t understand how my own company works, it shouldn’t take this long etc. Somewhere amongst this he mentioned he wanted his invoice copies emailed to him so I told him that I can get it done by the end of the day, no problem. Cut to the middle of the day he responds with another long message saying that invoice copies now won’t be good enough and a full account statement is needed so I put the request and advise 10 business days. He again is either choosing to ignore what I’m saying or is twisting my words in his head as his response says something around “first it was the end of the day now it’s 10 business days again?”

So at this point I’m pretty done with dealing with his bs, I’ve been talking to him for at least 3 days. Now for context there’s 2 ways I can resend an invoice, I can download all the PDF’s individually and attach them to an email, or I can go into the invoice and resend them all (this is automatically done overnight).

Originally I was going to go with option 1, but after his display of arrogance I decided to go with option 2. So now, he will receive 2 years worth of invoice (at least 30 seperate emails) all at once at 12am which he’ll have to go through and download them all to view, probably won’t be able to find the exact invoices he’s looking for and best of all probably won’t be able to find his chat email to reply to as his inbox will be flooded.


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There is a point when you gotta let them go.

Feels good giving away company money!