Walking is your responsibility


I work for a german third-party call-center specialized in public transport.

A few days ago I’ve got a lovely lady on the phone. Jugging from her voice I would guess in her late 20s.

Me: Good morning, BuscompanyXY here. My name is vorador83, how may I help you?

Lady: Good morning, I want to complain about your company and your drivers.

Me: OK, what has happened?

Lady: The line 112 was a minute early. Now I need something for my employer to prove that the bus was early and it was not my fault that I wasn’t on time.

Me: I’m sorry for your delay in travel. I will inform our complaint department and they will check the GPS-Data of the Bus for you.
To do so we would need some additional information: At which time and Station has this happened?

Lady: Gives Information. Also, I sprained my ankle when I was trying to get to the Bus. Who will I send the Insurance information to?

Me: Alright, regarding your first complaint i have informed the complaint department and they will send you an E-Mail regarding the to early bus.

Regarding the sprained ankle unfortunately there is nothing we can do. We ar…

Lady (Interrupting me): Why not??? It’s your fault that I had to run in the first place.

Me: To run or not to is your decision. We are responsible for accidents caused in or by our busses or by our infrastructure. The decision to run was made by you.

Lady: It was caused by your driver!

Me: When a bus is to early or to late we have customer guarantees regarding Taxi costs. We never advised you to run. Running and walking towards the Bus is your responsibility. There is nothing we can do about this.

Lady: I work for a lawyer. I will ask him. This can not be legal.

Me: You are free to ask him. I’m sorry, but that is really not our responsibility. Is there anything else I can assistant you with?

Lady: No, send me the things I asked for. I will ask my lawyer and will ask him if this is your fault. Have a nice Day. *Hangs ups*


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