Story of the guy who most definitely has never pirated anything ever. (I promise)


Lets jump right in, shall we?
me- thank you for calling ******, my name is  abblejacks, how can I help you today?
cx-(in a very confrontational tone) I need you to upgrade my internet, I keep getting overages, and while you’re at it, I want to know exactly what is causing them
Me- id be happy to help *proceeds to verify account info* I can definitely upgrade your internet today to cover those overages, but unfortunately while I can tell you if it was downloading or uploading that caused the majority of usage, we do not track exactly what you were doing inside those two usages to cause them.
cx-so you’re telling me that you can see when we pirate movies and games but you aren’t constantly tracking what we’re doing otherwise?
Me- Well, kind of, WE aren’t the ones who notice the copyright infringements, we’re informed by a third party and we discuss with you or cancel services if need be.
cx-well, how would I know that? I don’t pirate movie or games. Just upgrade me.
Me-I’ve got that in, your service will cut out for a few minutes while they update the speed and data cap, then you’re good to go.
I then take a look at his notes on the account, guess who has had SEVERAL copyright strikes since he’s been with us?

Ps, sorry for format, on my phone typing this.


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