Tell me your stories of hanging up on a customer at the other end of the line


No I don’t feel bad. In fact, I’m working from home right now and decided to post this.

A customer called in and automatically their number populates an account. First off, I could not understand this person. No they were not foreign. They spoke like they just swallowed their Android halfway and plus they were muffled and speaking fast. I asked them to please speak slower and that I could not hear them. They kept giving me attitude and asked me “Where’s my car?” And I said “was your car delivered? Did you order a vehicle? I need more information because this phone number is showing someone else” the woman laughed and said “no I’m not that person. I’m ___ my number is —-“ but SUPER sloppy and I swear to god I couldn’t understand them.

I let them know I could not understand what they’re asking me . I said “what do you mean where’s your car?” They said “it’s not in my lawn” I asked them “did you order a vehicle? Was it delivered? When did you order it” they said “yeah” I said “ma’am I don’t understand also I need to pull your account up” she got all rude and said “ let me speak to someone else” I could understand those among other jumbles of words.

Granted , I could have been talking to someone slow but I can , for the most part, pick them out. Usually they’re nice and more understanding. This person was just uneducated and being rude and wasn’t even trying to enunciate better for me. They were saying a lot of words and getting mad at me (from the sound of it) and I just hung up

I’ve asked 10x to repeat themselves and that I cannot understand them.

I don’t feel good about it but I feel good about it


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