His Death Is On Me.


This just happened. Mobil sorry for grammar and formatting.

I work at a substance abuse recovery center and part of my job is to answer phones and schedule people to come in. I got a call from a woman who says she needs to get someone in for rehab. I try to let her know that due to COVID we work mainly by appointments. We will accept walk-ins depending on the situation but at this time it is 8:56 PM and the doors lock at 9:00 PM.

After telling the woman this, the man who had been yelling in the background takes the phone from her and starts yelling. This is the following conversation;

Me- me
IM- Internal monolog

J- jerk

J: I’m on drugs and alcohol and I need to get in tonight.

Me: I’m sorry sir but unfortuantly we can’t get you in tonight and our next appointment is for Tuesday (it’s friday now).

J: So do I need to die to get help?

IM: you wouldn’t need help then, tho…

Me: well sir you can go to an emergency room if you need immediate help.

J: and tell them what? That Im going to kill myself?

Me: Yes, if that’s how you feel, if not just tell them you need help.

J: So you won’t help me?

Me: Im sorry but there is literally nothing I can do. We close in four minutes.

J: I’m going to kill myself and that’s on you. Live with that. *hangs up*

IM: ……Ok

Side note: I wasn’t even trying to leave on time. We are still here and it’s 10:00PM now. There is nothing I could have done to help.

ALSO I really dont like when grown adults put their lives and choices on people who aren’t involved at all. I was trying to help, but it wasn’t in the way he wanted.
Normally those comments dont bug me but I’m going through depression and people have been horrible today. Sooooo I felt sad and angry at this.

EDIT: Thank you everyone for the kind words and awards! Seeing so many people come together who have had a similar experience is wonderful!


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