Probably gonna get fired

Kind of went off on a customer and am regretting it. I work from home taking insurance claims (not an adjuster, just filing) at a job I started at the beginning of June.

The customer was rude off the bat, and I was handling it fine at first. Just going through my script and asking the questions we’re required to ask. She had been in the hurricane and I was trying to get the address where the damages occurred, and what damages happened so I could get it assigned out properly.

She started yelling at me when I asked what happened and said with an attitude, “do you know what a hurricane is” and stupidly I said no.

I tried to continue with the script and said I have questions I’m required to ask (which is part of the script) and she said not to ask her questions because they don’t apply to her.

I kept my customer service voice the whole time, but I know I fucked up. She asked for my name and I gave her one that isn’t my name and hung up on her when she was demanding a manager (none are available anyway) because I was panicking at that point and knew I had already fucked myself.

I’ve never went off on someone before. I’m always really good at keeping my cool, but I let my mouth get the better of me with the hurricane comment. I’d had several difficult calls before then and am dealing with a family member attempting suicide, so I had a moment of weakness. This is out of character for me.

I don’t work again until Thursday, so at least there’s that I guess. I’ve never gotten in trouble at this job before, my first (and so far only) evaluation passed with excellent marks both in metrics and in auditing the calls themselves. My attendance is perfect and I work OT every week, and the place I work at is desperate for employees cause we are very understaffed and extremely busy, so I’m hoping that will save me.

Definitely learned my lesson ugh. Currently scrolling Indeed and really wishing I’d done that call differently. Just needed to vent.

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