It’s a Holiday. Everything is closed.

Ok, so I work for an inbound call center answering service. You know when you call your doctor, lawyer, bail bondsman, plumber, HVAC tech, even water companies. You will hear someone like me answering “Hello thank you for calling Dr. Quack’s answering service” How may I help you?

Well It’s a holiday in the USA. Everyone is closed, but the fruit bats of the world are still calling trying to set up appointments, get prescriptions, talk about their case with their lawyer, etc.

These folks without fail are saying things like “I forgot it was a holiday.” “I hoped they might be open.” I really want to ask, “Dude, are you working today? No? why? It’s a HOLIDAY. That’s why. And you expect your doctor to be open? Think about it for a minute. “ but I don’t.

Worse yet are the idiot clients that didn’t bother to tell us that they are closed today. Hello? Come on folks throw us a bone here! Update your answering machine to reflect that you are closed and tell us who the heck is supposed to be On Call. It will save everyone a lot of headaches.

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Essential oil weirdos…..

Probably gonna get fired