Sneaky Sales Reps

I’ve worked at this well known security company for almost 7 years, until recently I was a scheduling coordinator, but I decided to step down to inbound for various reasons.

One of my first days on inbound, a call center based sales rep had the bad luck of getting through to me. She claimed that the customer’s previous ticket was canceled, bit still showed open for some reason. She needed me to cancel the old ticket and schedule the ticket she just made. She even stated to me that she didn’t want it to look like she was stealing the other rep’s sale.

Had she gotten a different inbounder, things .ay have gone her way. Unfortunately for her, I used to have to deal with some unscrupulous local sales reps in Chicago and I know immediately she’s full of it. Now, our corporate culture is pretty messed up and everything is subject to inter-department politics. So I go to my supervisor who agrees with my assessment of the situation and gives me the go ahead to put the original ticket back up on the schedule and cancel the new job created by the rep I’m speaking to.

I go back to the rep and advise her that I would need to cancel her work order and reschedule the original. She flips out (as people that get caught tend to do) and demanded to speak to my manager. I advise the rep that it was my manager who advised me on this course of action (playing stupid comes in handy sometimes.). She scoffs, demands my employee number and that she is going to file a complaint with her manager. To which I reply “you go right ahead and do that.”

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Probably gonna get fired

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