Proactive Calls were the worst


I worked in a call center in the early 00s when proactiv was a new product and was all over tv. At that time they had an ad where you got everything for free to try.. The catch was they didn’t announce that you had to still provide a credit card so in 14 days they could charge you for your next shipment.
I can’t tell you how many pissed off teens and mom’s I had calling me daily who were perfectly happy til I asked for a credit card number. Once I explained why it was needed suddenly I was the scum of the earth, a scammer and need to burn in hell for wasting their time.

No people.. Just read the damn screen! It’s on the commercial they just don’t verbalize it and I work for minimum wage! It’s not my fault!


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“If you’re not parking, you can’t pay”

Get the hell off my line, would you?