Get the hell off my line, would you?


Three in a row.

Three in a goddamned row. All complaining about the wait times. None of them understanding that by complaining about the wait times, they’re just creating longer wait times.

One, I had finally had it and sarcastically remarked, “Do you want to come work for us? We’re understaffed and hiring?”
“No, I don’t want to work for you. Why would I take such a step down?”

These assholes. All in line at the supermarket, waiting in line, bitching to the cashiers about how long the lines are and how they should get more people to handle the lines instead of just getting their shit and getting out.

Also, the job is beneath them so they won’t help. Get more people, wont you?

I wish it was some kind of requirement to work in a call center for a year. Everybody. Wanna get certified? Come listen to how much of an ass you can sound when you call us.


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