“If you’re not parking, you can’t pay”


I work in a call center for a company that deals with benefit spending accounts (FSA/HSA/Commuter etc) and my favorite call ever was from a lady who called because her card was declining at a toll booth. She had a Parking plan, and she was trying to use her card to pay a toll fare. The cards interact with the merchant code so for a parking plan unless the provider has their reader specifically set up to indicate they are a parking vendor the card will decline. We went back and forth for about 5-10 minutes about how she couldn’t understand why paying a toll wouldnt be covered by her plan and I finally asked her “Well mam are you parking at the toll booth?”

When she replied with “No you dont park at toll booths” I came back with “Then I’m not really understanding why you think a plan that’s named Parking would cover what you’re trying to pay for”

Was expecting to have her escalate cuz Karen gonna Karen but instead I heard the satisfying sound of her hanging up instead.


What do you think?

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