Essential oil weirdos…..

Ok so I don’t work in a call center per se, but I am the primary person who answers phones for a small essential oil company. Usually it’s pretty chill, mostly stores calling in to place orders for our displays or get refunds for any broken merchandise, that sort of thing. Unfortunately it’s also the same phone number we post on our website, which means we get some batshit calls from new age medicine weirdos.

Some highlights include:

-Clumping cat litter gives the cat cancer, use clay instead (Like craft store clay?? She didn’t really clarify.) -5G towers will activate the vaccine and kill us all when they go live. (Or turn us infertile, or gay, etc…..) -Pine essential oil will “cure you” of the “spike protein” in the covid shot (I get at least one of these a week, they try to drink it and complain that it makes them sick.) -Can I use lavender essential oil to induce labor in my pet rabbit? (No, essential oils are toxic to animals and should never be used on or around them.) -Can helichrysum essential oil cure tinnitus? (No, go to a doctor.)

I have more, but these are the highlights. To clarify, I don’t think essential oils are medicine. I think they smell nice and can be great for skincare, (Seriously, mix lavender and calendula oil for a fantastic moisturizer!) but the amount of people who think drinking peppermint oil will cure all ills is making me lose faith in humanity.

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