I’m more important than any other customer that asked for an appointment before me!


I’m not too sure where to put this, I don’t work in a call center but I used to and the bulk of what I do at my current job is taking calls. I guess I thought maybe you guys would be able to relate a bit more?

This happened a couple of days ago but I’m still sort of stewing over it a bit. Basically, I work for a small, family owned pest control company and I work in the office. I received a call at the end of the day from someone who was dealing with silverfish in his house and to be completely fair to him, that sucks. I hate bugs myself, so I can completely understand the panic and frustration that it can cause to have creepy crawlies all over the place. Everything was fine until it came time to find a day we could send someone out there.

M is me, C is the customer.

M: OK, C! I have everything you’ve told me noted for the technician here, so let’s get you on the schedule!

I check, and our first available appointment is Saturday, this was Monday at the time. Like I said, we’re a small company, and it’s been raining off and on for the last week, that always stirs up the bugs and we get a TON of service requests after the rain.

M: Looks like our soonest available appointment would be this Saturday, the 14th, would that work for you as well?

C: *silence*

M: Hello?

C: *scoffs* Really? I have BUGS in my house, I’m a paying customer, and I have to wait until the weekend?

M: I apologize, sir, this is definitely not normal for us but we are completely booked for the rest of the week due to a large number of service requests after the rain, and it is also our peak season. I have a waiting list for cancelations that I’m happy to add you to!

C: And how often does that happen?

M: Cancelations? Sometimes I get a few, sometimes I get a lot, sometimes none, it’s hard to say. Since a lot of these appointments were specifically requested, I don’t anticipate a lot of cancelations, but we might get lucky!

C: *silence*

M: …….so would you like to book this appointment, or….?

C: What am I supposed to do in the meantime?? I’ve had silverfish in my bathroom for weeks!!

M: I am so sorry, sir, I know that can’t be pleasant, I’m not a technician so I’m not sure what you could do to help while you’re waiting for your appointment. If I can put you on a brief hold, I can call a technician for you and see what they can recommend for you in the meantime?

C: *laughs* Wow. Just book the appointment and put me on the waiting list.

M: Of course! I have it booked for you as of right now, and you are on the waiting list as well. If I can find something sooner for you I will definitely give you a call to see if you would also be available.

C: *sarcastically* THANKS. You have *amazing* customer service and did such a *great* job.

M: I’m really sorry that I couldn’t do anything better for you today, please let me know if there’s anything else I can do or if you would like me to ask a tech what you could do to help with the silverfish in the meantime.

C: You should be sorry. *hangs up*

I know this is boring, and he never really yelled at me or anything, it was just the way he sounded when he told me that I had amazing customer service and did a great job when he clearly meant the opposite. Like I was bad at my job, when I know I’m not and I did do all I could. Maybe I’m too sensitive, but it just eats at me a bit when people treat me like I’m stupid and bad at what I do. Mostly just wanted to vent and get it out of my system so I can shake it off and get back to normal. Thanks for reading, sorry it’s not a better story!


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I wish it’s a prank and not ignorance.

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