Get a mans job, idiot


So I work at a call center for a cable company troubleshooting set top boxes and other things TV related. I am fortunate enough to not deal with everyday insults and being belittled (just people being very stupid and I mean VERY stupid)

I get this next call, which made me laugh after work.

I started out the greeting spiel like I normally would and the man on the other line asked me to repeat my name and so I did.

He then proceeds to say “hey why don’t you get a mans job, idiot” and proceeded to hang up.

At first, I was taken aback and contacted my supervisor over what happened. I found out later that the guy was a “phone troll” and would call everyday telling someone to get a mans job.

One of the leads took his escalation. The guy stated “hey idiot you ever had a mans job”. The lead proceeded to tell him he was a marine who was in Beirut back in the 80’s. The troll called him the N word and hung up.

What makes it more ridiculous was that the lead was white.

At least I can have something to laugh at


What do you think?

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I’m more important than any other customer that asked for an appointment before me!

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