I missed the phones briefly


So I work at a bank and I normally work in the call center but this Saturday I volunteered to work on the teller line at a different location. I’m making a withdrawal for a member and all of a sudden his raises his arms and yells “this is a hold up everybody watch out” and then laughs and says “my wife just walked in she’s holding me up for all my money hahaha” when I tell you my heart stopped and I froze…
Phones may be dull and members may be rude but I’ve never felt that heart stopping stomach dropping fear while getting called a cunt or being told to go to hell.
Retrospect is 20/20 I should have hit the panic button so he could explain his joke to the police, I should have told him off, I should have cried so he’d realize that’s not funny but instead I stopped like a deer in the headlights and then laughed awkwardly.


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