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So, I do not currently work in a call center but I used to. I did business customer support for a really crappy internet provider though that’s not particularly important in this case.

I recall one call I had from a rather irate and unpleasant gentleman. He was complaining about an increase in his normal billing rate. Upon looking into the account his bill had gone up because, get this, he hadn’t paid it in over six months. Upon realizing this I, of course, I formed him. That should of been the end of my responsibility. Tell him he’s past due, transfer him to collections, take the next one.

But alas, not only could he not pay his bills on time, but he didn’t wanted to argue with me about it. Here’s what I remember from the conversation.

Me: Well sir, looks like your bill went up because you have several late fees. The last payment we received from you was about six months ago.

Angry man child: That’s ridiculous. Who charges that much for late fees?! Can’t you waive them?!

Me: Well, if this had been the first time you were late I could do something, but since it’s been ongoing for so long I’m afraid I can’t help you with that. I can get you over to collections though and they can work out some sort of payment plan with you so you don’t lose service

Angry man child: This is stupid, tell me would you pay x amount (I don’t recall how much it was exactly) in late fees?

Me: (Quite taken aback that he would ask me personally and often speaking the first thing on my mind ) Uhh, no sir, but I would of paid my bill on time.

Angry man child: I want to speak to your supervisor now!!

I did give my supervisor a heads up about what I said and I didn’t get into any trouble. That one call always stuck with me cause at first I was embarrassed by what I said and now it’s funny. Sorry for lack of drama. I don’t know what happened to the guy after I transfered him away.


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