“I know you just work there but I AM GOING TO SUE ALL OF YOU!!!!!”


Crazy customer: you guys are a bunch assholes for charging me a $100 no- show fee!! You had better fix this!!

Me: my company did not charge you a !ate fee, your doctor did. You need to take this up with them! We just send out the statements!

Customer: no I don’t!! You sent this too me and you are going to remove this fee !! I know you just work here but if you don’t remove this I will sue Everyone (yelling at this point)

Me: I will see what I can do but this is up to the doctor. You can tell all you want but this is not my decision or even my company’s decision.

This guy was such an asshole from the beginning, this is an extremely shortened version of what was said. I just can wrap my head around his you can just yell at some random stranger on phone like that.


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