Please stop buying smartphones for Nana and Pop Pop


Just like it says: please, for the sake of all of us who support cellphones, stop buying complex smartphones for your elderly relatives.

It’s like buying your toddler a Ferrari.

This also applies to: High end sound systems, powerful computers, convoluted email programs, smart TVs, and possibly Netflix subscriptions


update for the whiners in the comments: there’s a big difference between Nana and Pop Pop being tech savvy enough to purchase *for themselves* technologically advanced devices that *they themselves* set up and use, and relatives who drop in, gift their elderly relatives complex tech, and then breeze back out the door for another year. Now grandma can’t figure out how to get sound to play from her VHS player to her television set, and she’s on the wrong input, and she can’t call anyone for help, because you never showed her how to turn on her cell phone. Honey, if that ain’t you, this doesn’t apply to you (but maybe you should ponder why it left you feeling so personally attacked)


What do you think?

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Ya’ll I can’t with some of these customers

“I know you just work there but I AM GOING TO SUE ALL OF YOU!!!!!”