I have no one to blame but myself. I should have known when he said “I work in IT!”


Call center for a credit union.

Man calls in, complaining about our app, it sucks, it’s horrible, it’s poorly designed, he ought to know ’cause he works in IT, so on and such and all that good stuff.

He’s trying to set up some recurring payments, I’m explaining to him how to do it, where to go to do this, do that, etc, etc…”It’s not there! None of what you’re saying is on my screen! You’re looking at a desktop computer and I’m on the app, you don’t understand!”

Sir, I’m looking at a mirror of your app, I can see exactly what you should see. If you don’t then something is wrong on your end, phone software, app version, something…

Around and around and around, update the phone, update the app, delete it and reinstall it, nothing is working and he still is not seeing this simple stuff that should be on the screen.

Finally, at the half hour mark I’m giving up–sir you need to go to a branch, maybe they can see what’s going wrong here, all the info is on the screen, just scroll up and down like always—

“Scroll down?”

That was it. That was the only problem. Half hour of my life just shat upon and set alight because Mr IT … didn’t … scroll … down …

At some point I suppose I should have asked but damn me, I gave him too much credit just a human being that had used simple technology since the 1990s and figured it was a given.

Should’ve known better.


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