Supervisors just skim for keywords


Alright let’s try this out. I’ve been over a year at this job and this is my second campaign I’m only here because of the virus so I can work from home. One of the frustrating things in this campaign working for a company that sells computers is that I often feel like the smartest person in the room which is a horrifying feeling because the training is so bad there’s a lot I don’t know for sure but when I ask for help no matter how much grammar, syntax and punctuation I throw at them I get the same robotic AI responses. If I didn’t know any better…

In today’s tale I had a customer ask about using [tool] to download [software]. Now my understanding is this tool can be used to INSTALL software but not download it. You would have to get the software from another source and then use this tool


wolfkin: I have a customer who is trying to download [software] via [tool] is that a feature of [tool]?

sup: Yes that’s is what [tool] is

s: check out [article]

w: I knew [tool] as a layer to run [software] didn’t know it let you download [software] as well

s: no it does not

s: support.[url.url.url/url-url]

w: So then yeah that’s what she’s asking, she’s trying to download [software] using [tool]

s: Here’s an article you can share also make sure their computer is up to date first

s:*copy-paste from article* *”…software must be on disc if installing. This must be a full version not a trial”*

w: So then yeah they can not use [tool] to download [software]

s: Yeah just install




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