“I am offended by this collection letter!!”


I work in the insurance industry. I sell auto and home insurance and when people don’t pay their bills, it goes to collections. It’s just the way it is.

I’ve had numerous people call and tell me how offended they are by letters they we send them for cancellation and collections.

Yes, they use the word “offended” and they say it very strongly as if we disrespected them somehow.

Oh and the other word is unprofessional. “It’s unprofessional of you to send me a cancellation notice when I’ve been a customer since 1901, why didn’t you give me a call?”

I truly wonder why people think we can sit and call everyone that is past due, it’s not feasible.

I had a lady go off about a cancellation notice and wanted to know why we didn’t reach out to remedy her account. I calmly explained, this letter that you received was us reaching out to do just that. I also reminded her that her policy wasn’t cancelled YET but it would be if not paid. She still wasn’t happy because we didn’t call. 🤦🏾‍♂️

A few moments ago a guy used the offended line with me and further stated he has an 850 credit score and is pissed about this collection notice.

Like why….. why…. Just pay your bill.


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