What’s your pet hate


I’m getting the stage now that everything is annoying me. Customers not hearing me, asking simple questions and even though I know myself that they are only asking a question I’m sick of it. I’ve been doing this job to long and I actually get breathless and feel very uptight during calls. Systems not working. Other agents telling customers complete false information. Agents lying to get the call passed to you when it’s something completely different when the cal comes through. I’m just done. I’d gladly hand this computer back and tell them where to shove it. I’m soooo drained with it all. I count down the hours to my days off and get uptight again when I get close to my day back!!!! I have such a busy life. On my three days off I have my daughter who just started school so always on hand there. I just can’t seem to ever relax!!!!


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The F you want then?😂

His Death Is On Me.