From the customer side (omg term CSA). Absolute star of a newbie who took my call and all of the system issues happened


My first time ever posting in here I think, but just needed to share, because of an absolute star of a CSA from a UK mobile network who I just had the pleasure of speaking to.

I’m a long time call centre worker, over here in the UK, am 39 years old and have spent the majority of my adult life working in call centres including civil service, outsourced cheapest bidders, award winning contact centres, one man and his dog type cold calling small room in the back of a terraced house type places, so I’ve been through it all, and because of that, I actively avoid making phonecalls to businesses outside of work. I will hunt websites, messages talking to friends to avoid those calls outside of work hours, because when I’m not at work, I’m switching off, having a few drinks, having a few beers.

Today I started work at 6.30, so got to finish and get home by 3.30 – I’m unfortunately back to working from the office, whereas many UK CSAs are still working from home. The minute I finished work and got out the office for my half hour bus ride home, I’d cracked open a can of birra moretti I’d had in my bag, and then got home, had a few drinks, had a relaxing smoke or two, then realised I had to set up a direct debit with my mobile network provider (large UK mobile provider who recently merged with a large broadband provider – I can’t remember the rules on naming companies or not) as I’d cancelled it and realised that without access to a printer, I couldn’t set up a direct debit with them without calling them, and if I didn’t do it today, I’d put it off for another few months, so I gave them a call.

The CSA I got through to, after half an hour’s wait, you could tell that she was nervous, and that she was new to the call centre way, especially as I knew that all of that companies CSAs were still working from home and so don’t have the immediate reach of those of us who’ve been through hell, and know all of the system shortcuts and work arounds, but have to actually call in. I didn’t catch her name because it came out so fast at the beginning, and I didn’t want to ask again during the call because in my head it would have felt so rude. Everything that could go wrong system wise, from capturing my bank details incorrectly, to the actual submission failing multiple times and the software crashing. I’ve been on the other end so many times, and know that if the same things had happened when I was at the same time in training, and without the immediate support, I’d have had absolute hell coming from the customer side.

I didn’t though, let her know that I knew it wasn’t her fault, told her I didnt mind however long it took to get things sorted, let her know that I’d probably switch off, and read something while drinking, but would switch on immediately whenever she needed to ask me anything. After about 25 minutes, she finally managed to get the direct debit set up. All the way through she was determined to get everything sorted, determined to figure out the ways around the system issues

This company, as do so many, sends out automatic surveys via SMS immediately after calls and NPS is god, and so of course I gave 5/5 on everything that was directly CSA related, and 1/5 that was everything company related. She was an absolute fucking star, nervous as hell, bit determined to get it sorted, and get to the bottom of the problem. Nameless CSA, you’re gonna be a star if you stay in the role!


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