“this is just another way for you people to screw me over again”



Had a guy call in to disconnect services, when I get these calls I always lead with, so we do require a seven day notice for the disconnect, as printed on the bill every month. His response was


“so you mean to tell me I’m going to pay for days I wont have the service?”


“well, no, you’ll have full access to the services until the disconnect date unless you unplug your modem.”


“but I don’t WANT your services for that long, why should I have to pay?”


“well, sir, that is policy, and we do print it on every bill”


“whatever, this is just another way for you guys to fuck me over.”


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Maybe you’re the problem

From the customer side (omg term CSA). Absolute star of a newbie who took my call and all of the system issues happened