Does seniority erode brain cells?


I used to work on the IT help desk of a medium sized company. One morning I was on the early shift, it was about 7.30am. I got a call from one of the directors working from home (this is in the days of dial up access)
“Hello, I’m trying to dial in to the system but it’s not working”
“Ok, is the modem switched on, is the power light lit up?”
“Can you check to modem is connected to the computer”
“Yes it is”
“Ok can you check the modem is plugged in to the phone socket”
“Yes it is”
Just then, there is a big crackle on the line he’s calling me on.
“Sorry about that, I’m having to call you on my mobile phone, my landline’s out of order at the moment ……. What’s that noise?”
“That’s me banging my head on the desk!”


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From the customer side (omg term CSA). Absolute star of a newbie who took my call and all of the system issues happened

That time someone threatened to call the CIA over $3.00