Wholesome Caller – Fraud and Flowers

Hi there! I found this thread, right around the time returning to my old call center job! Not sure if this story belongs here, but here it is! Also, on mobile, so sorry for formatting.

I work for a large bank in my area, doing all kinds of different things, but mainly dealing with fraud! This one is really short, but it always makes me smile.

Gentleman called in, quite a bit on the older side. Claims that he had gotten an email about a missing family member being alive in -wait for it- Nigeria. Said family member also informed this gentleman that he was, in fact, a prince!

Later, after some digging, the gentleman tells me that the “prince” was offering to take upwards of $5K and invest it to make him more money, BUT he had to deposit his money into the prince’s account in order for it to work.

At this point, I’m taking notes, doing as much digging as possible. The prince had no name, no phone number, no address, nothing but a ghost account.

I later explain that this is fraud, and that if the money were to be sent, he’d never receive it back.

Que the wholesome part of this post.

The gentleman was extremely thankful that I caught it – he wasn’t aware that people could scam him like this, it had never happened to him before. Gentleman and I get to talking, and he is telling me all the things that make him smile, (a bit off topic, but it’s okay, it was a really pleasant call) and begins to tell me about how him and his wife have an entire garden.

I think he was trying to distract himself from being upset about the scam, as the scammers used a real missing family member’s name.

By the end of the call, we had discussed fraud and (ALL of his) flowers! And both of us left the call in a much better mood than before.

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